Kolobara, Merklca Mlki

April 3, 2016 5:50 am
Website Url: http://kolobaralaw.com/attorneys.html
Phone: 602-790-7642
First Name: Merklca Mlki
Last Name: Kolobara
J. D. Year: 1/1/1996

Miki Kolobara is the Managing Attorney at Kolobara Law Firm, LLC. Miki practices in commodities and derivatives trading law with particular emphasis on energy trading, energy risk management, and energy trading compliance. Prior to founding Kolobara Law Firm, Miki spent 15 years working for several large energy companies where he assisted in creating and implementing trading policies and procedures, drafting standard trading and credit documentation, and training front and middle office personnel about legal and compliance aspects of energy trading. He has negotiated hundreds of master agreements and documentation for physical and financial transactions, as well as structured transactions for natural gas, electricity, coal, crude oil, and emissions allowances.

Miki serves on the Futures and Derivatives Law Committee of the American Bar Association, as well as the North American Energy Standards Board's contracting committee where he participated in drafting the NAESB standard master agreement for natural gas trading. Additionally, Miki is active in the International Energy Credit Associations' Contracts and Legal committee and its Dodd-Frank Act working group. As a member of the WSPP contracting committee, Miki participated in drafting of the WSPP standard master agreement for electricity trading. Miki is a frequent speaker on topics related to energy trading, hedging, risk management, and compliance.

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